November 23, 2020

The LMS will provide Socialbakers internal training and enable the creation of the customer academy

Socialbakers needed a new e-learning portal that will provide internal education and enable the creation of an academy for user training, professional development and customer certification.


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Scormium LMS

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Background & Requirements

For internal needs Socialbakers used an LMS (Learning Management System) from a certain vendor. The company encountered various errors:

  • Poor collection of study results due to incorrect implementation of the SCORM standards
  • Slow response from technical/user support – support tickets were processed in a matter of months
  • Almost no further development of the LMS, which did not receive new functions

For the above reasons, Socialbakers decided to select and deploy a new e-learning portal, which will serve not only for the purposes of internal education but will also allow the creation of the so-called Socialbakers Academy for customer training and certification.

Requirements for new LMS

Socialbakers was looking for a personalized and customizable LMS that would allow granular (detailed) management and monitoring of students and their studies. The new LMS must be able to serve tens of thousands of internal and external users and be able to set up and manage their structure. 

Main requirements

  • SCORM standard support
  • User account management and student journey management (studies)
  • Tailor-made reports
  • User login via a single sign on (SSO) connection

Proposed solution

Based on the requirements, Sense4code proposed the deployment of its e-learning portal Scormium LMS, which runs from a certified Microsoft Azure cloud and is scalable to hundreds of thousands of users.

In addition to extensive personalization and customization according to the client's needs and corporate identity, the Scormium LMS portal can be integrated within Socialbakers' internal systems.

It is a very modular platform which allows the organization to create custom views (dashboards) for students and lecturers.Sense4code provides the reports setup for Scormium LMS without additional costs. 

In addition to the LMS itself, Sense4code offered its many years of experience with e-learning methodology and assistance with introducing customers to the portal to help build the so-called Socialbakers Academy. It will serve customers who will be able to learn to use the Socialbakers platform effectively, increase their expertise and obtain certifications.

Deployment & Evaluation

The entire transition from the existing portal to Scormium LMS took exactly one month, including system modifications and customization of the environment. The migration of a large volume of data – approximately 160 (video) courses – was the most time-consuming.

Thanks to the native support of the SCORM standard, the connection of the courses to the Scormium LMS went smoothly. The migration of user study history was just as smooth. Users can directly connect to the new LMS via single-sign-on (SSO) using their credentials without the need for a new registration and allowing them to continue right where they left off. 

The whole transition was seamless. In addition to the Microsoft Azure certifications themselves, the security of corporate data in Scormium LMS is regularly verified by penetration tests. For some time, both educational portals run simultaneously.


Socialbakers evaluates especially positively the speed of data deployment and migration within 1 month. The first wave involved 300 internal users, then 1,500 and then 25,000 users. Native support for SCORM for e‑learning and SAML for SSO helped prevent any migration issues.

Due to the ongoing acquisition by the American company Astute, a further increase in the number of users and courses can be expected. This is one of the reasons why Socialbakers greatly appreciates the possibilities of scalability and further growth of the LMS according to the needs of the organization. Thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface an administrator can be trained in a matter of hours.

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